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Reefer Madness

"...Emily Ebertz plays Mary with a strong sense of comedic timing. Her voice blended nicely with Alber's" - Broadway World





"Andrew Alber and Emily Ebertz are what make this show a success. (They) have perfect chemistry together and the comedic chops to sell the most ludicrous lines of dialogue. But it's their vocal talent that makes this an enjoyable musical." - Aurora Sentinel

Sweeney Todd

"They struck gold with Derek Helsing and Emily Ebertz in the lead roles... Ms. Ebertz is a new face to me and someone I certainly want to see more of. She owned the role of Mrs. Lovett  from the prologue to her demise. Her expressive face and eyes added great humor in every situation – no matter how unpleasant – she found herself in. An entirely ruthless yet sympathetic character, she makes  you laugh, wins you over, and horrifies you all at the same time." - Get Boulder Magazine

The Thanksgiving Play

"There’s a lot to enjoy here, particularly given Dee Covington’s deft direction and the talent of her actors: ...Emily Ebertz who portrays every harassed, anxious, insecure elementary school teacher you’ve ever met." - Westword

The Thanksgiving Play

"The cast is plucked out perfectly, each actor giving a performance that has us rooting for them to find success in their journey." - Out Front Magazine

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